At Brightscout, we thrive on innovation, excellence, and forming enduring partnerships. Our Referral Program is designed to thank our esteemed clients and partners for recommending our services. Your trust in us not only propels us forward but also enriches our community with like-minded visionaries and makers.


Referral Rewards Structure

All Projects

Project-Specific Rewards

How It Works

  1. Referral Submission: Please send an email to [email protected] or make an introduction directly to your contact at Brightscout to submit a referral. Your email should include the contact information for the potential client and a brief description of the potential project.
  2. Verification & Approval: Our team will reach out to the referred potential client to verify the project details and evaluate the fit.
  3. Project Kick-off: Once the project is officially onboarded and the initial payment is received, the referral reward will be confirmed.
  4. Reward Distribution: The referral fee will be distributed as we receive the revenue, reflecting our commitment to recognizing your contribution and aligning interests in the project's success.

Timing and Frequency